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Mars Retrograde – Fiery, Passionate yet Awkward

Mars, the fiery red planet is about to turn retrograde on 23 January. Mars reaches 29 degrees of Leo before it stations and turns retrograde. Mars will remain retrograde till 14 April 2012.

Murughan, Deity for Mars, Tiruchendur Temple

Retrograde planets are known as Vakri in Sanskrit. Vakri means twisted and the quality of a planet shifts as it goes into retrograde motion. Twisted can make the planet act differently from its nature, think outside the box or be awkward. Mars is a planet of power and when it moves to be retrograde- it can start behaving differently creating many challenges. Passions can easily go out of control. Mars tends to act first, think later and is not afraid of taking an aggressive position.

Now to 23 January can be the most sensitive time as Mars’s energies are being disturbed as it readies to go into retrograde motion, therefore more capable of making mistakes or misusing its power.

After the 23rd January, Mars is very powerful as it is closest to earth  Retrograde planets do not know their themselves as they have become twisted and caught up in their disturbed energies. Mars’s anger, passions, aggressive behaviour – all need to be tempered down as they do not need to over-expressed. It is easy to get caught up in a conflict and not so easy to get out of it. Mars turning retrograde can also lead to accidents due to miscalculating the risks.

On a personal level, we all have to watch 23 Jan 2012 when Mars turns retrograde – it can create obstructions on the day, technical problems and aggravate frustrations. Once Mars has established its retrogration, we do not really experience its vakri nature – only at the time of retrogration and then when it goes direct on 14 April.

Aries and Scorpio will feel the energy most. As their ruler is slowing down and changing its quality, life can come to  a standstill- not much happening however hard they try. Tkae care about being too angry, passionate and dominating . The retrograde Mars can make them  stubborn and awkward – digging heels in and not listening to others. People around them can feel their strength while they ( Aries and Scorpio) do not understand their intensity.

As I am writing there appear to be many global challenges in the air – Syria situation continues to be rotten, Pakistan is facing a military coup and US Iran faceoff can easily go out of control. As Mars is about to turn retrograde – we will have to watch and see how these situations manisfest. As yet it is powerful in Leo – therefore supporting the strong but its retrogradation can make the misuse of power more likely. Usually the days around the retrograde are the most complex ones and can bring unnecessary aggression. Jupiter is aspecting Mars therefore keeping it calm.

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2 thoughts on “Mars Retrograde – Fiery, Passionate yet Awkward

  1. Russia’s troubled mission to Mars is coming to a nagative conclusion now as Mars is about to go retrograde. Highlighting the issue of Space Debris and how we on earth can be effected by this.
    Phobos Grunt: the failed Mars probe can land on Sunday or Monday – potentially putting the world’s population at risk.

  2. In Western Astrology, Mars Jupiter connection can mean a fast easy birth and over extending,or fast driving, but Jupiter can be protective, it can also lead people to do exactly what your “twisted” analogy implies, be too optimistic. And for example in the situation of wildfire, wouldn’t Jupiter make it burn further? Just wondering.
    Thanks for your insights…..
    fellow astrologer

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