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Dramatic Week Starring Sun, Mars, Saturn, Venus and Ketu

Week beginning from 11th April is full of Drama. It opens with a Venus Ketu conjunction in Taurus on 11th – followed by Mars turning direct on 14th  in Leo while Sun Saturn are both exalted and in opposition from 13th to 15th April .

Navagraha Shrine

A strong Venus is always good for financial markets and Ketu is not – their togetherness right up to the conjunction on 11 April puts extra stress on them – this is creating the uncertainty and  a downward trend. The markets should start a recovery as soon as the  Venus Ketu  conjunction is over. There are many other factors adding to the problem as Mars has slowed down to turn direct and Sun Saturn opposition both have spooked the investors.

On a personal level Taurus and Libra can feel the presence of Ketu – it can make them feel very unsettled for a few days. Best not to make important decisions.

Sun Saturn opposition begins at 3:50pm GMT on 13 April and will be exact on 15 April. Although Sun and Saturn oppose each other annually, the difference this year is that both are exalted and vargotamma.  Exalted Sun and Saturn face each other every 29 years or so – but when they are both vargotamma too is even rarer. Two powerful forces opposing each other. A struggles between those in power and those who oppose it.  This can bring problems to governments and generally powerful people.

Leo, Capricorn and Aquarius will feel this the most. Divergent issues pulling them in opposite direction. For Aquarius and Leo – it could result in stand off between partners or spouses. It is best not to resolve what is pulling you apart at this time and both of you are strong and not open to compromise as yet, so wait till the transit is passed and then there may be a solution.

Mars goes direct on 14 April at 05:48 GMT. This will release energy to make us take action. Whenever planets go direct they always bring some pressure with them. If you get involved in the retrograde – it can give travel, mechanical problems – but sometime it can also give anger, aggression. Take it easy on the day – don’t take on more that you can.

The planets relax after causing tension and drama and the rest of April will be easier to deal with

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4 thoughts on “Dramatic Week Starring Sun, Mars, Saturn, Venus and Ketu

  1. Michael Aram Tarr on said:

    Bless you Komilla for letting us know why sometimes one wakes up a basket case! In Delhi the sky is all thunder, dust, lightening, rain and intense sun are a visible representation of all this.

  2. screamingflamingos on said:

    “You’ve got to pick up every stitch, must be the season of the witch” feels like the song. Not trying to do anything much, just stay quiet.

  3. MSSharma on said:

    Good info on transits, as always. thanks.

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