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Rare Venus Transit today

Venus is making a  rare transit in front of Sun on 5/6 June. The next time this transit occurs will be in 2117. Today is the only time to observe and experience this transit this century.

Venus is the most important planet of  2012.  Both Saturn and Jupiter will be in the sign of Venus in the later half of 2012 and from 15 May to end of July Venus Jupiter will be together with Ketu.

Venus  retrogrades from 15 May to 26 June, it is powerful and strong – during this retrograde instead of going behind the Sun – it will dominate the Sun by coming across the face on 5/6 June 2012.  This is part of a twin transit, the other occurred in 2004.

Nasa writes – The transit or passage of a planet across the face of the Sun is a relatively rare occurrence. As seen from Earth, only transits of Mercury and Venus are possible. On average, there are 13 transits of Mercury each century. In contrast, transits of Venus occur in pairs with more than a century separating each pair.

The last Venus transit was on 8 June 2004 ,  the second event of the pair will occur on Wednesday, June 6, 2012 (Tuesday, June 5 from the Western Hemisphere). Next Venus transit will be in again in pairs is in 2117 and 2125

The transit begins at on 5 June at 22:09 UT on 5 June and ends at 4:49 UT on 6 June. Its impact will be the greatest at 1:29UT.

It is visible For Northern Hemisphere locations above latitude ~67° north, all of the transit is visible regardless of the longitude. Northern Canada and all of Alaska will also see the entire event. Residents of Iceland are in a unique wedge-shaped part of the path. Others where there is no sunlight can watch it on the web.

It is possible to see the transit – but please use all the care and solar filters so as not to damage the eyes. A properly fitted telescope or binoculars will give a better view.

more info - http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/OH/transit12.html

 This transit can bring unusual event to light. Most important will be Taurus related – practical, earth bound .

Around 2004  transit – Ronald Reagan died, there was winds of change with European elections in UK – the beginning of the end of Tony Blair’s Prime minister-ship, Iraq President was sworn in, the aftermath of the  Najaf insurgency, George W Bush govt declaration that they did not need to follow Geneva convention - read more  June 2004 events 

2012 –  Remember that the transit is like an omen for change and for recognition of essential truths. Venus is with Ketu and Sun and more spiritual than its 2004 counterpart. I think it will make us think of our role in society, consumerism and move towards rejecting the ideals of greed and egotistic behaviour. There will be a desire of simpler life. It can bring a financial scandal to life. Financial markets usually do very well when Venus is strong so expect the stock markets to go higher. Venus is dominating the Sun therefore governments all over will need to listen to the voice of their gurus and advisers. Women can play a strong role too.  The conjunction takes place in Rohini nakshatra-  the essence of Rohini is that their inner core is full of emotions, romanticism and love while being extremely idealistic. So this may unleash romantic ideals, creativity. Ketu impact can make these ideals unrealistic and sometime more in the mind than people actually doing something about it.

2004 and 2012 - Two rare events that took place around the Venus transit – though not on the day of the transit itself –  were the launch of Google (9.30am on 8 Aug 2004 EDT, New York ) and Facebook (11.05am 2012EDT, New York ) on NASDAQ and both these giant and innovative companies become public entities.

Facebook was officially formed on 4 Feb 2004.  Facebook has a strong connection to the revelation of Venus and these rare transits as it links to both 2004 and 2012. Therefore those who say that the Facebook phenomenon is short lived  are incorrect. New ideas may take over but Facebook will stand as a cultural icon and for changing the way we interact for a long time.

On a personal level – Taurus will experience the most benefit as something rare and wonderful is revealed about them. They may not fully understand immediately what this is. Libra, the other Venus ruled signs – this transit is taking place in the 8th house of transformation – they may find unexpected change that brings about sudden insight into their life.

We can meditate on the power of Shukra, the great teacher to reveal the message of  this rare transit.

Shukra Bija mantra

Om shum shukraaye namah

Shukra mantra

Om Himkunda Mrinalabham Daityanam Paramam Gurum

Sarva- Shastra- Pravaktaaram Bharghavan Pranamamyaham

White like Snow, Lotus eyes, The Guru (teacher) of the Demons

Knower of all shastras ( Great texts of knowledge) Bharghava (Venus) I bow to you

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3 thoughts on “Rare Venus Transit today

  1. acharya vyas on said:

    Komilla ji, just wondering if this transit would be truly beneficial for Taurus borns, especially those with Rohini lagna? I watched the transit yesterday and it felt like Venus was truly eclipsed by the Sun. For a Taurus born, the Sun is the 4th lord, granted. But still for the lagna lord to be fully combust – how can this be good? Confused..

    • Venus was in front of the Sun and visible. Usually combust planets gets hidden behind the Sun and their energy gets burnt. In this case Venus was visible and dominating the Sun. Therefore, it is a rare moment for Taurus when their lord is making this special transit.

  2. acharya vyas on said:

    Thank you for your quick reply Komilla ji. I am trying to read the horoscope of a lady with vargottama lagna and lagnesh in Rohini – it’s a very puzzling case and I would like to see if this Venus transit will have any effect on her.

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