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Whitney Houston – Great Diva, Sad Life

 Born on 9 aug 1963, 20:55, New Jersey, NJ.      

Died:11 Feb 2012 3:55pm at Beverley Hills Hilton, Beverley Hills, USA

The sad life of Whitney Houston came to end on 11 Feb 2012. She leaves behind a huge legacy of fabulous music and a few films. Often those who shine the brightest also burn out quickly. She follows in the footsteps of other great legends. The sorrow of her life came to an end but her work will be remembered for a long time.  I wrote about her life in in my book Personal Panchanga.

Whitney Houston - photo by Asterio Tecson Wikipedia

She died with Moon, Ketu and Rahu Dasha. Moon is in the 2nd house which is Maraka. Ketu and Rahu both can bring untimely death.  Whitney’s 8th lord which deals with span of life is Mercury and Moon was in Revati Nakshatra which is ruled by Mercury and Mercury itself is placed in another Maraka ( death giving house) and is hemmed in by Saturn and Mars.

Generally Aquarius Lagna suffer from Heart disease and Rahu can also bring it. Another name for Kumbha is known as Hridya Roga or heart disease and they have to be very careful. The Bhukti and Prayanatara rulers Ketu and Rahu can bring issues with drugs too. To add to this at the time of her death there was a transit papakartari yoga to Virgo ( natal 8th house) and Moon, the Dasha ruler was in Virgo - also in papakartari.  more on virgo and papakartari.

She died on  krishna panchami – waning Moon 5th tithi, therefore her memory should be celebrated on  krishna panchami of every month and annually during Shraddha panchami.

Whitney Houston Birth Chart

The Legacy

The Legacy of the departing soul is studied from their death chart. This is known as the Punya chart. Punya means good deeds and the chart of the time of death shows what good deed she have done in this life.

The lagna is Vargotamma Gemini with its lord Mercury is in the 9th house of higher self.  Three benefics in the 9th, 10th and 11th houses specially the exalted Venus in the 10th show a huge legacy and immortality of Whitney Houston.  Moon is  in both papakartari and  Adhi yoga.  Papakartari  indicates the sadness at her loss but her own sadness too while the Adhi Yoga shows she will not be forgotten and the joy of her talent.

Whitney Houston Punya Chart

Please share your thoughts on these charts too.

The Iron Ladies Real and Reel – Birth Data

With the release of Iron Lady staring Meryl Streep, I thought of sharing the data of the real Iron Lady and her on screen persona played by Meryl Streep

Margaret Thatcher [British Prime Minister & only female]: 1979 -1990

Born on – October 13 1925 at 9:00 am,  Grantham UK

Meryl Streep [Actress] :

Born on – June 22 1949 at 8:05 am, Summit East NJ (USA )- data rating- Lois rodden AA


Dev Anand

Remembering Legendary Bollywood actor Dev Anand, who passed away today 4 december 2011 in London at 88.

I knew him very well in the 70′s and he was a great guy.  He was generous and wore his fame and success lightly. Always warm and humble.

He made so many fabulous films as actor and director.

It was a honour to know you. Dev Sahib  Thanks for your great contribution to the Indian Film Industry . You will be remembered forever.

He was born on 26 September 1923,9:3oam Gurdaspur, India and died on 4 December 2011, 3.30am London UK.

He lived a long and fulfilled life.

The death chart is known as Punya chart and it reflects the good deeds done during one’s life time.  The dasha Dev Sahib  was running at time of death  was Jupiter Venus Jupiter. He was born with vargottamma Saturn and his punya chart has both Vargottamam Saturn and Mars plus Sasha mahapurusha rising.

Info on Dev Anand


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